Pendedahan Produk

Read this Product Disclosure Sheet before you decide to take the An-Nur Gold Account product. Be sure to also read the Terms and Conditions of the product. Seek clarification from us if you do not understand any part of this document or the general terms.


1. An-Nur Gold is a Shariah compliant product which offers small size gold for customer to buy and sell back with physical gold which is stored in a well established security vault in Malaysia
2. An-Nur Gold provides live gold price for customer to buy and sell.
3. Customer would be able to request for a physical gold in minted gold bar form by paying necessary fulfillment cost.
4. Parties involved in the Gold transaction:
a) As Buyer - The customer purchases the gold from the An-Nur Gold
b) As Seller - The customer sells the gold to the An-Nur Gold

Ace Capital Growth Sdn Bhd (The Company)
a) As Seller - The Company sells the gold to the customer.
b) As Buyer - The Company buys back the gold from the customer.
c) As Custodian - The company as An-Nur Gold customer’s representative to custody the gold that being purchase by the customer.

As Gold Supplier
The company procure 999.9% LBMA accredited Gold Bars for sale via An-Nur Gold.


Individual aged 18-year old and above (Malaysian and non-Malaysian)


Items Description
Initial Purchase MYR10.00
Subsequent Purchase MYR10.00
Minimum Balance MYR10.00
Gold Purity 999.9%
Currency Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)
Method of Purchase & Sell Buy and sell can be performed in An-Nur Gold
Physical Gold Denomination (Fulfillment) 0.5 gram, 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 50gram, 100 gram, 4.25 gram (1 Dinar), 21.25 gram (5 Dinar)
Transaction Hour 8.30am to 11.59pm Monday to Sunday, including national public holidays in accordance to Federal Territory calendar
Statement/History By Monthly


1. Storage Fees
i) Storage fee is 1% per annum based on your daily gold holding. The storage fee will be accrued daily and debited from the account monthly at the end of the month or MYR1.00 equivalent in gram subject to whichever is higher or upon closure of account. For account closure, the storage fee would be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
ii) This storage fee is calculated at such rate and subject to such minimum charges per month, as may be determine from time to time. ACE will notify you by posting on the Platform by at least five (5) business days prior to the effective date of change.
2. Physical Gold Fulfilment Cost :

Making Charges
Making Charges/pc
0.5 52.00
1 48.50
2.5 83.00
4.25(1 Dinar) 88.25
5 85.50
10 130.50
21.25(5 Dinar) 239.25
50 515.50
100 865.50

Courier Charges:
Courier Charges Cost Packing Limit
WM/EM MYR15.00 per parcel 30pcs/100g

1) The fulfilment cost is referring to Making Charges: (Premium/Pcs + Handling Charges/Pcs + Insurance/Pcs) + Packaging & Shipping;
2) Packaging and shipment cost charge once only;
3) ACE reserves the right to revise the fulfilment cost from time to time without prior notice. The changes will base on the charges imposed by the vendor and service providers;
4) Maximum for physical gold fulfilment of minted gold bar is 100 gram or maximum 30 pieces each time for each parcel;
5) It applied to both West Malaysia and East Malaysia, delivery is available in Malaysia only
6) For physical delivery, the purchaser needs to appoint the seller as his/her agent (wakil) to keep/hold the gold purchased/converted in its custody (wadiah) until the collection takes place by the purchaser or his/her appointed agent (wakil), pr delivery of the gold by the agent (wakil).

For illustration physical gold fulfilment only.

Scenario Calculation Total Customer to Pay
Making Charges Packaging Shipment
2 grams of physical gold (same denomination - 1 gram) MYR 48.50 x 2 pcs MYR 15.00 MYR 112.00
100 grams of physical gold (multiple denomination) 50 gram - MYR 515.50 x 1 pcs
10 gram - MYR 130.50 x 3 pcs
5 gram - MYR 85.50 x 4 pcs
MYR 15.00 MYR 1264.00

Note: The price displayed is includes Making Charges, Courier, Takaful/Insurance


Contact Number: 07-2527092
(Monday to Friday excludes Public Holiday – 9:00am to 5:30pm)
Email: [email protected]