1. What is An-Nur Gold?
  An-Nur Gold is a simple and cost-effective way to own Digital gold in quantities to suit all budgets, you are able to buy, invest and accumulated Digital gold in fractional amount with multiple redemption options to physical Minted gold bar.
1.1) Waqaf An-Nur Gold Sdn Bhd is the referral of this product.
1.2) The buying and selling of gold are powered by Ace Capital Growth Sdn. Bhd. (“ACE”) a subsidiary of Ace Innovate Asia Berhad.

2. Who owns the gold that I buy?
ACE buys large gold bars and stores safely in the security vault. These golds allow ACE to offer economies of scale and pass on the saving to An-Nur Gold user. When you buy An-Nur Gold, you own it and have a legal title to it, with ACE acting as a custodian.

3. How is the gold quality ensured?
ACE guarantees that:
You own and have full legal title to every gram of gold in your An-Nur Gold account.
The gold is the highest 24k standards and 999.9 purity accredited by London Bullion Market Associated (LMBA).
Gold bars are stored privately and securely in the Vault provided by the Safeguards G4S Malaysia (“SG4S”) that guard it around the clock by trained security team.
All gold held are insured for its full replacement value.
Your gold is stored securely in the security vault which is reconciled and accounted for each day.
The An-Nur Gold is Certified as Shariah Compliant digital gold product by Salihin Shariah Advisery off ACE, namely SALIHIN Shariah Advisory Sdn Bhd (“SALIHIN”). The transaction processes of the An-Nur Gold also are in line with the Shariah Standard on Gold.
ACE always holds more gold in the Vault than the amou is held by our customer.

4. Who may open a An-Nur Gold account?
An individual above 18 years old;
Citizen and Non-citizen of Malaysia (with Malaysian NRIC or a passport holder); and
User of An-Nur Gold account.


1. What are trading hours to perform my gold transactions?
  An-Nur Gold transactions can be performed from 8.30 am to 11.59 pm, 365 days a year.

2. How can I be assured of the purity of the gold I buy?
  Bars of 999.9 fine gold are bearing the branded IGR™ logo and registered serial number imprinted in the gold bar to act as a Certificate. All the gold bars meets the LBMA Good Delivery Standard to ensure the highest levels of purity and quality.

3. What is the live market price and how is the price of An-Nur Gold set?
  ACE offers An-Nur Gold at the current live market gold price, and the price is updated real time throughout the day. At checkout, the quoted price is what you would pay at that point of time. This quote will be valid for 20 seconds and need to be refreshed after the rates expired.

4. Is there a daily limit and how much money I can purchase?
  Initial Purchase
Subsequent Purchase
Minimum Amount 10.00 10.00
Maximum Daily Limit Gram Payment
1000 MYR30,000 - MYR50,000

* The above limit is subject to your internet banking limit with your bank.

5. Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in my An-Nur Gold account?
  Yes, you need to maintain minimum balance of MYR10.00 worth of gold balance in your An-Nur Gold account at all times for payment of your storage fees.


1. Can I sell back my An-Nur Gold to ACE?
  Yes, you can sell your An-Nur Gold back to us anytime at no charge and money will be credited into your An-Nur Gold platform account using the available payment methods.

2. When will I get my fund after I sell my An-Nur Gold?
Payment Method Time-frame
(business days)
Credited to Bank Account 1-2

* Business days referring to Federal Territory.


1. Is my An-Nur Gold safe?
Gold bars stored with SG4S are covered by insurance for its full replacement value.
Metal account statements are issued daily by SG4S to confirm the details of your holdings.
Daily reconciliations by ACE to continuously ensure the efficient accuracy and accountability.
Annual audit is conducted by SALIHIN Shariah Advisory Sdn Bhd at the vault facility to confirm the compliance, accuracy and transparency.
You can log into your An-Nur Gold account at any time to view your purchase and current gold bar holding including your full order history status via statement download.

2. How long I can hold on to my gold?
  There is no any minimum or maximum period imposed.

3. What are the storage fees?
  Storage fees is 1% per annum based on your daily gold holding. It will be auto deducted from the available gold balance in your An-Nur Gold account at the month end or MYR1.00 equivalent in grams subject to whichever is higher. An-Nur Gold has most willing to pass the saving of the storage fee to you when An-Nur Gold reach higher AUM and economy of scales.

4. Do I have personal access to my gold?
  The gold bars are stored in high-security vault and there is no public access to any of SG4S vaults.


1. How do I convert my digital An-Nur Gold to Minted gold bars?
  Yes, you have an option to convert available Digital gold balance in the An-Nur Gold account to physical Minted gold bars. Each minted bar is bearing the exclusive branded IGR™ logo and sealed in protective Certificate or in IGR security packaging that guarantee the 999.9 purity and weight.

2. What is the cost of my fulfilment fee?
Making Charges
Making Charges/pc
0.5 52.00
1 48.50
2.5 83.00
4.25 (1 Dinar) 88.25
5 85.50
10 130.50
21.25 (5 Dinar) 239.25
50 515.50
100 865.50

Courier Charges
Courier Charges Cost Packing Limit
WM/EM RM15.00 per parcel 30pcs/100g

1) The fulfilment fee is referring to Making Charges: (Premium/Pcs + Handling Charges/Pcs + Insurance/Pcs) + Packaging & Shipping.
2) Packaging and shipment cost charge once only.
3) ACE reserves the right to revise the fulfilment cost from time to time without prior notice. The changes will base on the charges imposed by the vendor and service providers.
4) Maximum for physical gold fulfilment of minted gold bar is 100 gram or maximum 30 pieces each time for each parcel.
5) It applied to both West Malaysia and East Malaysia, delivery is available in Malaysia only.

For illustration physical gold fulfilment only.
Scenario Calculation Total Customer to Pay
Making Charges Packaging Shipment
2 grams physical gold (same denomination - 1 gram) RM 48.50 x 2 pcs RM 15.00 RM 112.00
100 grams physical gold (multiple denomination) 50 gram - RM 515.50 x 1 pcs
10 gram – RM130.50 x 3 pcs
5 gram - RM 85.50 x 4 pcs
RM 15.00 RM 1,264.00


1. What is the estimated delivery time?
Destination Standard Delivery (business days)
Peninsular Malaysia 3-5
East Malaysia 5-7

Business days is for Federal Territory.
Please bear with us in case we are spending extra time in checking/ perfecting your items, particularly during the peak season.
For physical delivery, the purchaser needs to appoint the seller as his/her agent(wakil) to keep/hold the gold purchased/converted in its custody (wadiah) until the collection takes place by the purchaser or his/her appointed agent (wakil), or delivery of the gold by the agent(wakil).


1. Can my Minted gold bar be returned?
  We do not provide this as a general service. If you believe your case is under exceptional circumstances, please contact our customer services team.

2. What if my gold is lost during transit?
  Your gold is fully insured. If you do NOT receive your minted gold bar within the normal stipulated business days after the date of delivery application, please contact our customer services team to initiate the necessary procedure.


1. What are the available payment channels?
* The processing fee imposed for FPX is MYR1.20 per transaction.


1. How do I cancel my order and payment?
  No cancellation can be done once the order are paid and confirmed. Please contact our customer services team for any further assistance.


1. What is a dormant account?
  When there is nil balance in the gold balance and there has not been any debit or credit entry in the An-Nur Gold’s account in the 6 months after the date of nil gold balance.

2. How do I reactivate my dormant account?
  You are required to contact our customer services team.

3. How do I close my An-Nur Gold account?
  An account may only be closed if there are no outstanding gold balances remaining in that account. You may contact our customer services team to close your account.


1. Contact Us Anytime
Call Us Digital Connect with Us
An-Nur Gold Customer Services Team Email us at [email protected]
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Excluding Public holiday)


1. Is my An-Nur Gold Account protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM)?
  An-Nur Gold account is a non-principal guaranteed product, non-interest-bearing account and it is NOT protected by PIDM.

2. Is there any risk exposed to An-Nur Gold account?
Investment Risk

The net return on An-Nur Gold shall depend on the market conditions of the gold market which is volatile. The returns in gold trading are uncertain and there is a risk of earning no returns and/or the possibility of incurring losses.

Pricing Risk

A decline in the value of a security or an investment portfolio excluding a downturn in the market could be happen, due to multiple factors. Customer can employ a number of tools and techniques to hedge price risk, ranging from relatively conservative decisions.

Market Risk

An-Nur Gold customer are advice to manage the risk of losses on financial investments caused by adverse price movements. Examples of market risk are: changes in gold prices, interest rate moves or foreign exchange fluctuations.

* You are advised to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of An-Nur Gold Account and register the An-Nur Gold based on your own judgment and/or on independent advice obtained.